Vilkår og betingelser

1. Buy From "By Falengreen"

There is not entered into a binding purchase agreement with By Falengreen until you have received an order confirmation from By Falengreen.

2. Prices

All prices are incl. VAT and in DKK unless otherwise stated.

Prices are only valid in Denmark, excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Subject to:

  • Currency Changes
  • Force majeure
  • Delivery Failures
  • Tax Changes
  • Sold products and misprints

3. General sales

The indicated price at time of booking, the applicable booking price.

4. Delivery

Subject to availability, items backordered and delayed delivery of By Falengreen suppliers and wholesalers. In cases involving this issue, give the customer as soon as possible notified via mail or. telephone.

5. Cancellations

If you wish to cancel or cancel an already issued order, it is basically done by sending an email marked “Cancellation”. Here the order date and order number stated. Have you received an order confirmation. e-mail may be returned to reading “Cancellation” inserted in the topic text. Cancellation must be made before noon. 10.00 in By Falengreen within next business day after the order is made.

6. Payment

The possible methods of payment at By Falengreen are:

  • Dankort
  • Visa / Dankort
  • Mastercard

7. Use of warranty

Complaints regarding defects must be communicated By Falengreen within a reasonable time after receipt of goods. For goods that have been damaged during transport, it should be note on the waybill and to contact customer service by next business day.

The customer is urged in the strongest terms to declare about product failure or defect in the complaint, because failure could mean an extension of the remediation process due to troubleshooting. Goods returned after the claim or sent without postage, refused by By Falengreen.

8. Returneed products that does not contain errors

By returning the defective or wrong products to By Falengreen where failure or malfunction, defined and specified by the customer is not found, the item will be returned to the customer including a test fee.

Goods should be returned with a copy of the invoice where purchased, for the advertised product is clear, since otherwise the item will be shelved pending invoice copy and possible error message on the product.

9. Return

All products returned to By Falengreen must be securely wrapped. By Falengreen recommend that the product is returned via the Post Denmark and that the goods sent by parcel post. In this way it is possible to track the package in Post Danmark system and waives any doubt as to whether the goods have been delivered to By Falengreen. Additional customer has the option of being able to advertise for the package if no delivery has taken place.

10. If in doubt

If there arise doubts By Falengreen recommends that you shall contact our customer service department at By Falengreen or phone +4520825302

11. Special rules for traders

The same sales conditions as for consumers, with the following modification.

  • There is no right of withdrawal for traders.
  • There are 1 year warranty from the original invoice date. Replacement or repair does not mean that running a new 1 year warranty period.

Buy rules under danish law

1. Warranty
2. Guarantee
3. Replacement
4. Reasonable time
5. Presumption rule.

1. Warranty

The warranty is the customer’s right to complain about a product that has defects or deficiencies that were present when the goods were sold. The customer has two years to find errors or omissions in the product shown to be the seller’s responsibility. Burden of proof is the first 6 months from the dealer, the next 1 ½ years is the customer. Warranty is the customer’s statutory rights.

2. Guarantee

Guarantee is a special agreement concluded between the buyer and seller. If the customer and seller agree that there should be a guarantee of two years for a product, then the customer during this period complain about all types of defects. It is in this case the seller’s responsibility to prove that the error due to neglect of the client. Guarantee is not the customer’s statutory rights.

3. Replacement

Consumers may in principle require to swap an item, instead of accepting the seller’s offer to get it repaired. It was reversed until 1 January 2002. There is one very important caveat: The consumer can only require replacement if not the requirement applies sells disproportionate costs compared to a repair.

4. Reasonable time

The new limited warranty, the consumer is always two months to respond after a fault or defect in a product is discovered. You look so complaints within 2 months, as within a reasonable time and thus in accordance with the law. Complaints can be made later than two months and still be within a reasonable time, but it is likely to hear a rare occurrence.

5. Presumption

The last significant change of the Sale of Goods Act, the so-called presumption, which means that within the first six months after a purchase, it is assumed that the fault was present at the purchase. In practical terms, the rule that consumers with a more lenient burden of proof within the first six months, and leads the consumer within the first 6 months it easier to get the item repaired.

Right of withdrawal

14 days of the statutory right of withdrawal

In consumer goods, where the ordering of goods is made by phone or Internet, the consumer has 14 days to cancel.
The right shall run from the time the goods are handed to the consumer. Should the purchase be undone within 14 days, we will refund the price plus shipping costs.
To use this right, must be delivered to Post Denmark or other courier within 14 days of receipt.
The condition to use the withdrawal right is that the product is returned in same condition as at the transfer. If goods are not returned in same condition, valued product estimated by By Falengreen from a potential sale value. For the purposes of withdrawal goods retailer returned in ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Lack ORIGINAL PACKAGING leads often to a deterioration of its commercial value, so they based on an evaluation conducted by By Falengreen will be credited to a correspondingly smaller amount of degradation. At worst, failure ORIGINAL PACKAGING, etc. result in the acquisition can not be undone.

Costs of returning the goods, the consumer.
By Falengreen return the invoice amount within 30 days in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act § 12c.

How to return the goods

There are three ways you can return the item:

  • They may refuse to accept the goods.
  • In this context, we ask you to make the freight company aware that you will immediately return the item to By Falengreen.
  • They can accept the goods and subsequently within the 14 days return the item to By Falengreen.
  • In this context, we ask you to enclose a copy of the invoice and return the enclosed leaflet for the goods purchased, as proof that it / they returned merchandise purchased from By Falengreen.

Return Address is the following:

By Falengreen
Norsmindevej 166
DK-8340 Malling
Phone: + 45 40 92 98 62
Cvr: 36428414