About Us


Dorte Falengreen is a top stylist and color specialist. 

She has worked several years abroad from Spain to London and Hollywood. She has educated and teach several hairdressers and students in Scandinavian, and giving many courses for both hairdresser and beauticians. 

She has written several books about the Chemicals and how to take care of your self. She has spent years having her own lab at technology industry where she study and researched the toxic in hair colors and how to avoid them and replace better ingrediens that could make the same results. 


Dorte Falengreen was born in Denmark and the entrepreneur behind the Certified Haircare Product brand “By Falengreen”. It all started when she was 8 years old in her mother's hair salon. 

Dorte quickly fell in love with this beauty business and even then she knew that this would be something she was going  to continue in her life.


 “When I worked as a successful hairdresser throughout Europe, I first discovered the harsh reality of how some ingredients and harmful chemicals can affect both hairdressers and consumers. Like many others, I began to feel allergic reactions to my own skin and body ” 


Dorte decided that her personal goal was to develop certified anti-allergenic products that would become the standard for hair cosmetics. She started studying the chemicals found out what really  gave us  all these allergies and how to replace the harmful ingredients with healthier substitutes. 

Dorte quickly realized that it would be a long and difficult journey. The cosmetics industry is unbelievably competitive and complicated, as the formulas do not really show what and how much is in the product. Dorte never gave up and kept looking for alternatives and better ingredients until she developed her own product line. 

Dorte had achieved her goal of combining documented  formulas with an luxury feeling and style. 

We can proudly introduce you to the "By Falengreen" product line. 


Environmentally friendly - and allergy certified • Developed in Denmark • Made in America.